Here's how Sigma Mounts fare against the competition

Features Sigma Mounts Other Mounts
Adjusts to non-planar rafter tails Yes No
Can mount any length mast Yes No
Can use dish supplied struts Yes Yes
Can install with required 6 lag bolts Yes No
Dish Network approved Yes Yes

Here's 5 Reasons Why This Matters To You:

  • Authorized Retailers are required to use approved accessories. Violation of this contract requirement can result in financial penalties and can be grounds for termination. Routine quality assurance inspections are being conducted to detect use of inferior accessories. Incentive charge backs are being enforced on failed Quailty Assurance audits.
  • Your long-term business reputation hinges on the quality of every DISH Network installation. Do it right the first time with tested accessories and save on a possible techinician visiting later. Your satisified customers will tell their friends and family to buy through you.
  • Customer satisfaction is the key to lower churn rates, higher dealer ratings, and long-term success. Unauthorized accessoires are likely to fail over time, especially when exposed to the elements.
  • Fewer Trouble Calls. Authorized Accessories result in better signal quality right from the start and they maintain their quality over time. Better signal integrity may help eliminate the incremental cost of technician visits.
  • Provide a professional marketing advantage. You can advertise the fact you only use the highest quality, DISH Network Approved Accessories.